Credits for courses taken at other institutions

Our Ph.D. students can obtain credits for courses taken at other institutions (in Poland or abroad) as long as they follow our registration procedure (presenting a plan of work for a given semester supported by their supervisor) and provide a documentation compatible with the ECTS standards.


Nowadays applying for research grants is one of the most important non-scientific activties of a mathematician. The sooner we establish routines concerning searching for grants and preparing the applications as well as writing grant reports, the better. Practice makes perfect. The bureaucratic tasks which at the first sight seems impossible, boring and unpleasant after some time of practice can be achieveed quickly and automatically. Being a Ph.D. student is a good opportunity for working out an effective set of organizational tools for dealing with grant applications. 

Program Erasmus


Internships financed from abroad

Many research institutes organizing semester scientific programs for mathematicians from all over the world have proper financing for Ph. D. students within the financing of such programs. Taking part in such programs is a unique opportunity to learn in the same place from distinguished scholars from diverse centers. Special lectures for Ph. D. students preparing for more advanced activities are often organized within such programs. 

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