Classification of self-dual torsion-free LCA groups

Tom 140 / 1992

Sheng L. Wu Fundamenta Mathematicae 140 (1992), 255-278 DOI: 10.4064/fm-140-3-255-278


In this paper we seek to describe the structure of self-dual torsion-free LCA groups. We first present a proof of the structure theorem of self-dual torsion-free metric LCA groups. Then we generalize the structure theorem to a larger class of self-dual torsion-free LCA groups. We also give a characterization of torsion-free divisible LCA groups. Consequently, a complete classification of self-dual divisible LCA groups is obtained; and any self-dual torsion-free LCA group can be regarded as an open subgroup of a well-understood torsion-free divisible LCA group.


  • Sheng L. WuDepartment of Mathematics
    University of Oregon
    Eugene, Oregon 97403

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