Borel partitions of unity and lower Carathéodory multifunctions

Tom 146 / 1995

S. M. Srivastava Fundamenta Mathematicae 146 (1995), 239-249 DOI: 10.4064/fm-146-3-239-249


We prove the existence of Carathéodory selections and representations of a closed convex valued, lower Carathéodory multifunction from a set A in $A(ℰ ⊗ ℬ(X))$ into a separable Banach space Y, where ℰ is a sub-σ-field of the Borel σ-field ℬ(E) of a Polish space E, X is a Polish space and A is the Suslin operation. As applications we obtain random versions of results on extensions of continuous functions and fixed points of multifunctions. Such results are useful in the study of random differential equations and inclusions and in mathematical economics.   As a key tool we prove that if A is an analytic subset of E × X and if ${U_n : n ∈ w}$ is a sequence of Borel sets in A such that $A=∪_n U_n$ and the section $U_n(e)$ is open in A(e), e ∈ E, n ∈ w, then there exist Borel functions $p_n : A → [0,1]$, n ∈ w, such that for every e ∈ E, ${p_n(e,·) : n ∈ w}$ is a locally Lipschitz partition of unity subordinate to ${U_n(e) : n ∈ w}$.


  • S. M. Srivastava

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