A functional S-dual in a strong shape category

Tom 154 / 1997

Friedrich W. Bauer Fundamenta Mathematicae 154 (1997), 261-274 DOI: 10.4064/fm-154-3-261-274


In the S-category ${\mathfrak P}$ (with compact-open strong shape mappings, cf. §1, instead of continuous mappings, and arbitrary finite-dimensional separable metrizable spaces instead of finite polyhedra) there exists according to [1], [2] an S-duality. The S-dual $DX, X = (X,n) ∈ {\mathfrak P}$, turns out to be of the same weak homotopy type as an appropriately defined functional dual $\overline{(S^0)^X}$ (Corollary 4.9). Sometimes the functional object $\overline{X^Y}$ is of the same weak homotopy type as the "real" function space $X^Y$ (§5).


  • Friedrich W. Bauer

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