On fractals which are not so terrible

Tom 171 / 2002

António M. Caetano Fundamenta Mathematicae 171 (2002), 249-266 MSC: 28A80, 46E35. DOI: 10.4064/fm171-3-5


The notion of NST domain and the closely related notion of ball condition, both topological in nature and quite useful within the theory of function spaces, are compared with each other (and with the older concept of porosity) and also with other notions of interest, like those of $d$-set and of interior regular domain, which have a measure-theoretical nature. Also, after extending the idea of NST (not so terrible) to a larger class of sets, the property is studied in the context of anisotropic self-affine fractals.


  • António M. CaetanoDepartamento de Matemática
    Universidade de Aveiro
    3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal

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