Seminars in IMPAN

Operator Theory

prof. dr hab. Jarosław Zemánek

Saturday, 12.15-17.00, room 106

  • 17.11.2012
    D. Tsedenbayar (Mongolian University of Science and Technology)
    Remarks on the Volterra operator
  • 12.12.2009 - 1230
    Mirosława Zima (University of Rzeszów)
    On quasinilpotent commutator of positive operators
  • 31.10.2009
    Michał A. Nowak (AGH)
    Projection-iterative methods for a class of perturbed convolution equations
    Dmytro Lymanskyi (Donetsk National University, Ukraine)
    Elliptic and weakly coercive systems of differential operators in Sobolev spaces
  • 17.10.2009 - 1230
    Oleksandr Gomilko (UMK Toruń)
    On the strong Kreiss resolvent condition
    Michal Zajac (Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava)
    Some examples of reflexive but non-hyperreflexive spaces of operators
    Wojciech Zajączkowski (IMPAN)
    Regular solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations
  • 3.10.2009 - 1230
    Jurij Kozicki (UMCS)
    Some dynamical systems on spaces of entire functions
    Oleksandr Kutovyi (University of Bielefeld)
    Correlation functions evolution for the Glauber dynamics in continuum
    David Shoikhet (ORT Braude College, Karmiel and IM PAN/TODEQ)
    Fixed points of holomorphic mappings
  • 18.04.2009 - 1230
    Michael Lin (Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva)
    Ergodic characterizations of reflexivity of Banach spaces
    Jaroslav Zemánek (IMPAN)
    On positive operators
  • 15.11.2008 - 1230
    Carmen Bolosteanu ("Spiru Haret" University, Bucharest)
    On Plemelj's formulas
    Laurian Suciu (IMPAN/TODEQ)
    Strong convergence of Cesaro means for some generalized power bounded operators
    Dashdondog Tsedenbayar (IMPAN/TODEQ)
    Some Volterra operator pencils
    Jan Vrsovsky (IMPAN/TODEQ)
    On orbits of operators
  • 13.01.2008 - 1100
    Thomas J. Laffey (Royal Irish Academy and University College Dublin)
    Bounding the number of zeros required in the realization of spectra by nonnegative matrices
    Eva Kopecká (Johannes Kepler University, Linz, and Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
    Products of projections on lines
    Jaroslav Zemánek (Polish Academy of Sciences)
    Problems in linear algebra
  • 12.01.2008 - 1100
    Miroslav Fiedler (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
    Suborthogonality and orthocentricity of matrices
    Thomas J. Laffey (Royal Irish Academy and University College Dublin)
    Techniques for the construction of nonnegative symmetric matrices with given spectra
    Matej Brešar (University of Maribor)
    Functional identities
    Markus Haase (Delft University of Technology)
    A numerical range mapping theorem for squares of symmetric convex sets
    Arnold R. Kräuter (University of Leoben)
    The unitary Procrustes problem and related topics
    Iwona Wróbel (Warsaw University of Technology and Polish Academy of Sciences)
    Experiments supporting the Sendov conjecture
  • 1.12.2007 - 1230
    Sebastian Król (UMK Toruń)
    A complement to the spectral mapping theorem for C0-semigroups
    Jacek Banasiak (University of KwaZulu-Natal, RPA)
    Chaotic and hyperbolic linear dynamical systems: theory and applications
    Phase transitions in linear dynamical systems with applications
    Adam Bobrowski (IMPAN)
    On a semigroup generated by a convex combination of several Feller generators: examples from mathematical biology
  • 10.11.2007 - 1230
    Jaouad Sahbani (Université Paris 7 - Denis Diderot)
    Spectral analysis of some difference operators by Mourre's theory
    Jeffrey R.L. Webb (Glasgow University)
    Loss of positivity in a nonlinear scalar heat equation
    Mirosława Zima (University of Rzeszów)
    Positive solutions of multi-point boundary value problems at resonance
    Fatma A. Akgun (Chemical-Metallurgy Faculty, Istanbul)
    On the boundary value problem with matrix coefficients and a spectral parameter in boundary conditions
  • 12.05.2007
    Gennaro Infante (University of Calabria)
    Positive Solutions of Perturbed Hammerstein Integral Equations
    Mirosława Zima (University of Rzeszow)
    Positive Solutions of Boundary Value Problems at Resonance
    Wojciech Zajączkowski (IMPAN)
    Existence of Solutions to Parabolic Equations in Besov Spaces

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